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samsung ice maker frozen

How to Thaw a Samsung Icemaker

If your Samsung ice maker is freezing up, we have the best way to thaw it out and get back up and running. How to defrost your Samsung ice maker is a question we are asked at least once per week from customers.   When your Samsung refrigerator ice maker is frozen you can’t just… [Read Full Article]

Samsung French Door Ice Maker Frosting Up

The issue with Samsung french door ice makers icing and frosting up and not working is due to a known leakage defect in the manufacturing process.   When warmer, moister air enters the ice room, frost is formed which stops the small (computer like D.C. voltage) fan which is above the evaporator in the back… [Read Full Article]

appliance repair parts on a white background

Discount Dryer Repair Parts and Dryer Troubleshooting Advice

Anymore, 9 times out of 10, Amazon.com is now the cheapest place to buy discount clothes dryer repair parts online. For an example, check out the infographic below and see one case study.   There are competitive prices out there with other sites, however, Amazon almost always has the best price and the return policy is… [Read Full Article]

Edmond and OKC Ice Maker Repair

KitchenAid (Whirlpool) Under-Counter Icemaker Troubleshooting

KitchenAid and Whirlpool under-counter icemakers are an expensive investment. Many repair companies shy away from having to deal with them but honestly, they are a fairly simple appliance.   Download the service manual .pdf found at the bottom of this page so you fully understand the production cycles of the unit.   To Enter the… [Read Full Article]

GE Range Start LED not working JGS650SEF2SS

GE Range Start Button LED Does Not Work

Affects at least Model# JGS650SEF2SS Per GE Techline the engineers omitted the L.E.D from the control PCB.  So basically even though the display shows a place for the L.E.D indicator there is no L.E.D. installed.  So if your new GE Range doesn’t show the Start Button indicator, it is working normally. Perhaps GE will make… [Read Full Article]