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samsung ice maker frozen

How to Thaw a Samsung Icemaker

If your Samsung ice maker is freezing up, we have the best way to thaw it out and get back up and running. How to defrost your Samsung ice maker is a question we are asked at least once per week from customers.


When your Samsung refrigerator ice maker is frozen you can’t just use heat to defrost the icemaker. The problem lies in the back of the ice maker ice room where there is an ice maker fan that will also be frozen.


What we have to do is to steam the ice maker and the ice room with the amazing steamer we purchased below.ice maker steamer

You can check the price of this steamer defroster here on Amazon.


You won’t be throwing away money as the defroster works great on cleaning everything in your home.


There is no Samsung ice maker defrost mode so you will have to manually defrost the ice maker. Basically, after steaming out the ice maker and the ice room, you have to remove the ice maker assembly.


You can search YouTube for tutorials on this or let us know in the comments if you can’t find a good video that shows the ice maker removal.


When the Samsung ice maker begins freezing up it becomes a Samsung ice maker not making ice. The ice maker is most likely fine, it’s just that the frost in the unit and the fact that the ice maker is frozen that is causing it to not produce ice.


You want to check out this article on Samsung French Door Ice Maker Freezing Up for the full fix.


Still, you will have to defrost the ice maker with steam. There is currently no recall on Samsung ice maker’s that we know of.


So, if your Samsung ice maker is not working, get the steamer and follow the above link to find out what the problem is and how to fix your Samsung ice maker yourself.