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Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  What are your prices?

A:  $75 for an appliance service call/diagnosis fee.  If you have or mention a coupon then take your savings off of this price.  If you choose for us to make your repair we will subtract this diagnosis fee from your total repair cost.  Most total repair bills we create are slightly under $100 but there are exceptions depending on part costs.


Q:  Are your technicians background tested?

A:  The majority of our work is for warranty and extended warranty companies.  This means that in order to be in compliance with those companies we must perform annual background checks and quarterly drug testing.  No one will ever enter your home without these checks in place.


Q:  What should I expect after setting my appointment? 

A:  You should expect your technician to call you 30 minutes before arriving.  You should expect thorough communication and your repair completed in the most timely manner possible.  You should expect a clean, friendly and honest technician who is happy to answer your questions and explain the repair process for your appliance.


Q:  Are you insured?

A:  Yes.  As mentioned, most of our work is for warranty service administration companies so we carry commercial general liability and automotive liability policies that exceed requirements most small businesses need.


Q:  What is your mission statement? (this is not a frequently asked question but it is important that you know…)

A:  The sum of our mission statement is to build this business with integrity.  Our core concepts are:


  • To never price a repair upon what we think the customer can pay.  This means we charge to repair an appliance.  Never do we change our prices depending on our perceived income of our customer.
  • To never withhold repair information from a customer.  This means you are welcome to ask questions and follow along with the repair procedure.  We believe in freely sharing our knowledge and technical information.
  • To never practice in price gouging.  We have all been there when a much needed appliance was not working.  We understand the value of being treated with respect and charged a fair exchange for the repair.
  • To never be dishonest.  This means being told your $180.00 control board is bad when really it was just a $30.00 lid switch.  We have many honest repair companies in Edmond and Oklahoma City, but this practice does exist.  It will never be a practice our company uses.


If your question was not addressed here then please call us and let us know so we can add it for others.

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